Cleaning Hack: Coca Cola VS Rusty Cast Iron

While cast iron can last for decades, it is not uncommon for rust to appear at some time in its life. Rust can occur when the cookware comes in contact with moisture or isn't seasoned properly. The good news? There are a few ingredients you can use to restore a rusty camp oven or skillet, including a household favourite - Coca Cola! Coke contains phosphoric acid, a chemical found in commercial rust removers that helps break down rust. You've got to love an affordable and easy hack, right?

What you'll need

  • 4L Coca Cola (quantity depends on cookware size)
  • Large storage container, bucket or sink
  • Rusty cast iron cookware


  1. Pour 4L of Coca Cola into a large container.

  2. Submerge your rusty cast iron cookware ensuring it is fully covered in Coke.

  3. Allow to soak for 12 -  24hrs depedning on the rust coverage.

  4. Rinse the Coke off with clean water. If needed, use a sponge to wipe off excess rust then dry with a clean cloth.

  5. Re-season cast iron.

This hack was tested in-house and proved to be successful. For more cast iron care tips, click here.