Cast Iron Cookware Care Guide

Surface rusting

If you notice rust appearing or a metallic taste in your food, don’t be concerned - cast iron is easily restored to perfect cooking condition.  Follow these simple steps to repair the cooking surface and return it to its original rich black finish. This process involves removing surface rust, then re-seasoning the cast iron to restore the non-stick coating and rich glossy black appearance.

Removal of rust

  • Scour off the rust.
  • For large amounts of rust, fill the item with water, bring it to boil and simmer for about 20 minutes. Remove hot water and let the cookware cool down. Then scour the rust off again.
  • Pre-heat oven to approximately 400°C, or heat over an outdoor grill.
  • Wash the item with hot water and scrub with a stiff brush; repeat until rust is removed.
  • Rinse and dry.

Caring for Campfire cookware

For your convenience, Campfire Cast Iron Cookware is pre-seasoned, enabling immediate use. Please follow these guidelines for years of service.

Initial use and general care

• Rinse thoroughly in warm water, then dry well. May be placed in a warm oven for 15 minutes, or on low heat, to ensure it has dried well.

• Because cast iron cooking diffuses heat perfectly, it is preferable to use on low heat.

• Overheating may damage the cast iron and cause the contents to stick.

• Do not touch the cast iron surface with any sharp or metal objects.

• Pre-heat the cookware for five minutes at low heat, before increasing the temperature.

• Avoid placing Campfire Cast Iron Cookware into cold water directly after use. This can warp, crack and damage the item and is not covered by warranty.

• Do not wash cast iron cookware in a dishwasher.


• Ensure the cookware is dried thoroughly before storage.

• Store out of the weather in a dry environment.

• After thorough cleaning, re-season the cookware.


Over time or following thorough cleaning the matte black cooking surface of your Campfire Cast Iron Cookware will require seasoning to maintain a non-stick surface. To restore the non-stick surface and season your cookware correctly, please follow the guidelines below.


1. Wash your cookware with hot water to remove any residues.

2. Dry thoroughly.

3. Place the cookware on a low-medium heat for three to four minutes.

4. Add two tablespoons of light cooking oil and coat the entire surface.

5. Place in hot oven or over a BBQ and allow oil to be absorbed into the surface for at least 45 minutes.

6. Remove excess oil with absorbent paper towel.

7. Allow to cool and store in a dry area.


Thorough cleaning of the cookware may result in the breakdown of the non-stick surface you have created. In this case simply repeat the seasoning process outlined above. Cast iron cookware can often be wiped clean after use without the need for scrubbing or soaking.