Cast Iron Seasoning Oil + Scrub

From a slight tarnish or food stain to scaled rust and grime, restoring your cast iron to its former glory is easy enough to do if you have the right method, technique and cleaning products. This is where our NEW Cast Iron Scrub and Cast Iron Seasoning Oil comes in.


With a combination of salt, rosemary, lemongrass and other botanical oils, the Cast Iron Scrub will aid in removing stubborn burnt, stuck on food prior to seasoning. Pour approximately 3 tablespoons of the scrub onto your cast iron cookware then using a clean cloth, rub the surface in a circular motion to remove the food residue. Once the baked-on bits are loosened, rinse the surface with warm water then dry off with a clean cloth and season.


The Scraper Set is the ideal addition to every camp cooking kit. It includes a pan and grill scraper which offers multiple cleaning options for cast iron pans, plates, grills and camp ovens and will remove any stubborn bits without disturbing the seasoning. Both scrapers are lightweight, durable and rigid for easy cleaning.


Protect your cast iron cookware with this all natural Seasoning Oil which features a combination of coconut and botanical oils. Seasoning protects the cast iron and assists in preventing food from baking on. After each use and cleaning, it is recommended that you re-season your cast iron cookware. For best results, use in conjunction with the Scrub.