10 Campfire Cooking Essentials

Besides fun, campfire cooking is all a part of the authentic camping experience. From frying to boiling, baking, roasting and braising, the recipe opportunities are endless when it comes to over the fire cooking, if you have the right equipment.

We’ve listed a few items that can always be found in our camp cooking kit.

1. Long Tongs

While this one may seem obvious, you can never take too many tongs camping with you. Ours tend to end up on the ground a lot or mysteriously disappear! Because of this, we usually have 3-4 in our kit.

2. Protective Gloves

Protective Gloves are probably one of the most important items to have in your camp cooking kit, especially when using cast iron. No one wants burnt hands, right?

3. Aluminium Trays

Found in most local supermarkets, aluminium trays make great serving platters which can then be turned into storage containers when (if!) there are leftovers.

4. Skillet

Burly and built for the open flame, a campfire cookout isn’t complete without a Cast Iron Skillet. Great for solo camp outs or those who prefer to make smaller dishes.

5. Paper Towel and Tea Towels

These will both be your best friend when cooking in the outdoors. From wiping down cast iron to drying up dishes, you’ll want to have plenty of towels lying around.

6. Camp Grill/ Flatplate

A cooking grate or flatplate provides a spot to rest your cast iron skillet, coffee percolator and all your delicious food. The grill allows you to pop your burgers, catch of the day or corn on the cob right on top and get grilling, and the flatplate is perfect for those big brekky cook ups.

7. Billy Tin

Coffee, tea, mulled wine or washing up water, a Billy Tin serves many purposes when camping. They can also be used on a stovetop for when you visit fire-free campsites.

8. Camp Oven

A camp oven can boil, bake, fry and braise all in the same pot. It is a no brainer when it comes to campfire really!

9. Chopping Boards

We recommend having at least two boards in your kit. Carved meat and bread are camping staples after all!

10. Knife Set

Find a set that has everything from bread to butcher knives and even pairing knives. This will ensure you are covered to cut anything with ease. The 3PC Knife Set is the perfect example.